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    Personalized, Professional, Dynamic, Online Learning Communities
    by Paul Madsen - Tuesday, 13 December 2016, 2:56 PM

    Personalized: Studying on your own schedule and focusing on what is important in your school setting
    Professional: Building on the 4 key skills of 21st Century learning with and from professional educators
    Dynamic: Enriching your understanding of both content and methods for quality, Christ-centered education
    Online: Learning together with colleagues in multiple countries and varied educational settings
    Learning Communities: Ensuring strong group engagement that will continue throughout the course and beyond
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    ACSI Online Professional Development
    by admin ACSI - Thursday, 27 October 2016, 2:24 PM

    ACSI Europe is offering new courses for teachers and administrators each year. For course listings and registration, please visit our main site at

    ACSI Europe is certified to issue CEUs (Continuing Education Units) valid within the ACSI Global community of Christian schools. These CEU's can be collected to achieve ACSI teacher certification.

    Be sure to register soon - class sizes may be limited!

    Available courses

    Both the Christian school and the secular school study the world around them, but they study it from significantly different perspectives and for significantly different purposes. This course explores those differences and helps us clearly articulate those differences in our thought processes and in our communication.

    There is no such thing as "neutral” teaching. Our worldview determines the way we teach. During this course, we will study the elements of the Biblical view of human nature (our students) and we will discuss how to integrate our worldview into our teaching.

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    IELC 2017 will explore the ACSI Christian School Leadership Framework model, which outlines the competencies and behaviors considered most important to the performance of heads of Christian schools. This framework is built on three major categories: Leadership from the Heart, Relational Competencies and Strategic Competencies. Our desire is to help Christian school leaders understand and integrate a system of leadership which is built upon a personal commitment and a calling to Christ-centered education and impacts each relationship and decision within the school setting. This theme, Leading from the Heart, will be used by the various keynote speakers, the workshop presenters and those selected to share best practices from their schools in the General Sessions.

    Leaders that Communicate Well - led by Dan Bishop: We are all communicating a message.  But: What are we saying?  What are others hearing?   This leadership course will give you many ideas that will help improve your communication which will give you the opportunities to lead more effectively.

    ACSI Europe provides Christian schools with resources for developing student leaders in connection with our annual Student Leadership Conference. 

    How can this training help you?

    • It gives you a place to continue discussions about Biblical leadership with other youth who are also growing in this area
    • It sets a course for developing your God-given gifts and using your influence to shape the culture of your school
    • It provides a foundation for understanding who God has made you and His unique calling on your life to serve and lead
    • It helps to connect you to what God is doing with other people in other schools and countries
    • It encourages you to form a group in your own school to discuss and apply what you are learning about leadership
    • It challenges you to communicate what you are learning, which is an essential part of leadership and team building

    This course is open for students to start in January of 2017. Each group can then follow at the speed they choose. There are 10 Topics and our recommendation is to do 1 section or topic every week. You will receive a course certificate after completing all of the tasks. This course is completely online and does not require connection to a live webinar or have any specific meeting time. You can meet as a student group or on your own for the lesson but we highly recommend that you discuss your learning with a mentor or teacher. 

    Each of the topics has 3 parts consisting of:

    • a lesson with reading material and/or a video presentation - this is in the Content section
    • a written assignment to help you process the information - this in in the Tasks section
    • a forum to share what you learn with others - this is in the Discussions section